We are headquartered in Barcelona and specialized in building natural water desalinating and purifying devices. Our devices are powered by solar energy and work completely off-grid. They are autonomous, as they do not use any chemicals. They cause zero contamination because they use neither consumables nor batteries. They run completely automatically and do not require any skilled manpower. And they can be moved easily.
The water so produced by our devices is safe for human use farming and irrigation.
Our devices prove their utility in emergency situations such as earthquakes or hurricanes when speed is vital. They are an essential tool for governmental organisations and NGO’s.


Our goal

Access to drinking water is a fundamental human right but, unfortunately, drinking water is not available for an important part of the world population.

Although we are surrounded by water only 3% of it is fresh water and less than 0.3% is easily accessible on the surface of the earth. And most of that 0.3% is not drinkable.

This problem mainly affects small towns and villages that are far from urban centres and that have limited access to electricity. There, the daily consumption of low quality water causes different diseases that most strongly affect the weakest (the children) and reduce their quality of life.

There is a wide range of water purifying products but they require a constant supply of either energy or consumables (such as chemicals) or both. This represents a fixed cost item that many of these places cannot afford.

TRATAMIENTO SOLAR DEL AGUA (TSA) has developed two water-purifying devices to answer this need: the water desalinating and purifying devices H2Optima and H2Optima-ET